Thursday, March 26, 2009

What is a Jew?

Evil lying Jews at FOX pretending to argue with another Jew

Comments made to the video when I had it on YouTube before my account was suspended:

Please define "Jew", BeAGentile. If you think Ashkenazim are Jews then you are wrong... Judaism has been faithjacked by the Ashkenazim. I'm not Jewish, but please DO think about what I said. Thank you. :)

A jew is a person who keeps the Jewish lies secret, a person who knows that the Holocaust is a hoax, that 9/11 was a Jew Job, that all the media are owned by Jews, etc., and keeps all this secret. Some Jews in the truth movement tell some truth, but mix truth with lies.

So you think ALL Jews are bad? Not just the obvious Ashkenazim? I mean, as well as the Mizrahim who claim that Jesus was "black", did crack, and wants to kill all whites (cf. Black Hitler)? There are some VERY nice Jews in the world, to wit, the Messianic Jews. I doubt you've met all of them. So please don't judge an entire group just based on the million-some corporate Scrooges! :)

I've met these lying Jews all over forums and youtube. I don't think there are any exceptions.

Pretty soon you'll probably encounter Jews who agree with you about the corruption. What will you say to them?

out of all the examples of a good jews you could of used you made the typical jewish reply, blame blacks, blacks have nothing to do with your ass being owned by 'beagentile',you just proved 'beagentile' point about jews, there sneaky and evil, and they blame gentiles for everything especially blacks so that the could be blameless to everything. your just a fucking idiot being exposed.

From Argue With Everyone:

Niggardly Jigger Chiggers:
How Many Jewish Posters on the AWE Bboard? Stand up and be counted.

you know i'm jewish. i've said so on this board on many occasions. what's the point? should i start a who's the prebyterian, episcopalian, methodist, lutheran, muslim, catholic buddhist, taoist etc. thread? i don't believe in hiding my religion, but as you stated, i also don't practice any religion. my wife, as i have also stated many times is catholic, and does practice catholicism. we have no problem whatsoever with the religion issue. i don't actually know who else on this board is jewish. there are those who are supportive against the posters on this threads incessant flat out lying posts(calling inri) and other flat out nonsensical bashing and grouping all jews as if we all share the same thought patterns. they may or may not be jewish, or maybe they're just normal decent folks who get sick of the ridiculous repetitive lying that occurs on a daily basis here. if you guys really enjoy the hating on jews thing, keep on going. this thread doesn't seem to be getting any play from anyone except the known overt racists/bigots.

"you know i'm jewish. i've said so on this board"

I knew that, but not because you've said it, but because you lie to cover up who did 9/11.

That's always a good clue in my experience as well.


  1. Haha the jews are the blacks of the 20th/21st century
    Makes me wonder which other group is gonna have the hatred focus in a few decades or maybe only around on 22nd...

  2. Though I agree it was an inside job by the govt but not the jews alone, this is ridiculous.

  3. The people in this big group are strongly motivated. Their motivation is of the religious kind. They think they're something else, above all others. You don't just join this big group of people and kill people in your own country to start wars in other countries just because you want to be a criminal.

    They've been doing their extremely evil acts for many years. 9/11 was planned over many years, and it was not their first and only "pointless" crime.