Monday, March 2, 2009

9-11 was a Jew Job!

The Pentagon, which is formed as the center of a pentagram, which Jewish Eliphas Levi identified as a symbol of evil, had its groundbreaking ceremony on 9-11-1941. (<- Dead link. Information about it now on is on page 2 of this pdf-document. September 11, 1941 is for some reason marked with a different color).

Exactly 60 years later, the Jewish mass murderer Larry A. Silverstein demolished his buildings.

In september 2000 Jewish Paul Wolfowitz wrote in the PNAC-document that we needed a catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a New Pearl Harbor. In february 2002 he said that 9-11 was an opportunity - like it was a good event.

Any man who says we need a catastrophe has got his head screwed on upside down. In March 2005 he became the president of The World Bank!

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