Sunday, March 29, 2009

George Bush is a Jew

Bush, December 4, 2001:
I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on, and I use to fly myself, and I said, "There's one terrible pilot." And I said, "It must have been a horrible accident." But I was whisked off there -- I didn't have much time to think about it, and I was sitting in the classroom, and Andy Card, my chief who was sitting over here walked in and said, "A second plane has hit the tower. America's under attack."
(The White House - has been removed. - CNN)

January 2002:
well, first of all, when we walked into the classroom, I had seen this plane fly into the first building. There was a TV set on. And you know, I thought it was pilot error and I was amazed that anybody could make such a terrible mistake. And something was wrong with the plane, or - anyway, I'm sitting there, listening to the briefing, and Andy Card came and said, 'America is under attack.' And in the meantime, this teacher was going on about the curriculum, and I was thinking about what it meant for America to be under attack. It was an amazing thought. But I made up my mind that if America was under attack, we'd get them.
(The White House - has been removed.

Despite the fact that the first plane crash wasn't shown live on television, George Bush watched a big explosion in the World Trade Center and said (out loud?): "There's one terrible pilot."

I'd say, "There's one terrible script!"

Bush was talking to himself about this pilot, wondering what he had been drinking, but he was whisked off by the others who didn't think this explosion was amazing either, and Bush had to stop thinking about the pilot.

Despite the earpiece in the president's ear, Andy Card does his act, runs in and whispers "America is under attack!"

Bush figured everything immediately. He understood that Osama Bin Laden had hijacked some planes and crashed them into WTC and that the pilot wasn't drunk, but suicidal. He went into a sweet world of dreams thinking: "This is fabulous! Now I can be a hero! Now I can finally save the world..."

Only Jews have reasons to lie about 9-11. Therefore, George Bush is a Jew.

Jewish Eric Hufschmid claims to suspect that George Bush might have been blackmailed into lying by the use of dancing girls as bait:

George Bush asked about advanced knowledge of 9/11

John Kerry is a Jew too

For the past 15 years or so, Kerry says, he knew his paternal grandmother was probably Jewish...

But he said he did not know, until informed by the Globe earlier this year, that his grandfather was a Czech Jew...
The Globe

The Globe: "Hey, Kerry, you're a Jew!"

John Kerry: "Oh, really? Then I guess I can continue to lie about 9/11, then. With good conscience..."

John Kerry babbling about a wall
when asked about WTC 7

Barack Obama - also a Jew

According to Obama Al-Qaeda took credit for 9/11. This is not an opinion to be debated, he says, but a fact:

The FOX Jews say that Obama is a muslim. The CNN Jews say that this is not true.

They all know he is a Jew.


  1. nice blog keep spreading the truth.

  2. To understand what happens in the world, you need to know that

    Bush, Blair, Obama, Putin, Merkel, Sarkozy, Harper, Howard, Rudd and most other leaders are (covert) Jews.

    See for yourself (PHOTOS):

    And while you are looking,... try this 2.2 MB mega-photo of Rabbis and politicians:

    Although not included in the photos,... Obama is also a Jew.

    Here is a picture of Obama's Jew Momma:

    Here is a picture of Obama's wife's (first) cousin. The rabbi Capers C. Funnye:

    And here is a photo of Obama himself wearing a skullcap.

    Even Germany and Austria have Jew presidents/Prime Ministers:

    It is hardly necessary to hide away ones Jew roots at all.

    For example, the Austrian President didn't even bother to change his Jewish name, Heinz-Fischer:

    At least the German Prime Minister changed her Jewish name, Angela Kasner, to Angela Merkel (via a short marriage).

    Kasner, Kastner, Kasztner, Kostiner, Costner, are well-known Jew names.

    It is usual for Jews to own every horse in an electoral race, i.e., every candidate is a (covert) Jew.

    Examples, are the 2000, 2004, 2008 American elections.

    Do you get it yet...

    Obama is a JEW.

    Bush is a JEW.

    Most likely, all U.S. Presidents have been Jews, ever since the JEW Theodore Roosevelt (Rosenvelt).

    Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt were both descendants of the Dutch Jewish immigrant Claes Martensen van Rosenvelt

    Claes Martensen van Rosenvelt (changed name to Nicholas Roosevelt) m. Jannetje Tomas
    .Nicholas Roosevelt m. Heyltje Jans Kunst
     .Jacobus Roosevelt m. Catharina Hardenbroek
      .Isaac Roosevelt m. Cornelia Hoffman
       .James Roosevelt m. Maria Eliza Walton
        .Isaac Roosevelt m. Mary Rebecca Aspinwall
         .James Roosevelt m. Sara Delano

    Claes Martensen van Rosenvelt m. Jannetje Tomas
    .Nicholas Roosevelt m. Heyltje Jans Kunst
     .Johannes Roosevelt m. Heyltje Sioerts
      .Jacobus Roosevelt m. Annetje Bogert
       .James Jacobus Roosevelt m. Maria van Schaak
        .Cornelis Roosevelt m. Margaret Barnhill
         .Theodore Roosevelt m. Martha Bullock
          .THEODORE ROOSEVELT, US President

    The Delano's were Jews from France/Spain.

    "In the distant past my ancestors may have been Jews. All I know about the origin of the Roosevelt family is that they are apparently descended form Claes Martenszen van Roosevelt, who came from Holland."

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt; The New York Times, March 14, 1935.

  3. LOOK: The Jew GEORGE BUSH is related to the Jew JOHN KERRY:

    Edmund Reade m. Elizabeth Cooke
    .Elizabeth Reade m. John Winthrop
     .Waite Still Winthrop m. Mary Browne
      .John Winthrop m. Ann Dudley
       .John Still Winthrop m. Jane Borland
        .Thomas Lindall Winthrop m. Elizabeth Bowdoin Temple
         .Robert Charles Winthrop m. Elizabeth Cabot Blanchard
          .Robert Charles Winthrop m. Elizabeth Mason
           .Margaret Tyndal Winthrop m. James Grant Forbes
            .Rosemary G. Forbes m. Richard John Kerry
             .JOHN FORBES KERRY, US Presidential Candidate

    Edmund Reade m. Elizabeth Cooke
    .Margaret Reade m. John Lake
     .Hannah Anna Lake m. John Gallup
      .Elizabeth Gallup m. Henry Stevens
       .Henry Stevens m. Elizabeth Fellows
        .Lucy Stevens m. Ephraim Smith
         .Sanford Smith m. Priscilla Whippo
          .Harriet Smith m. Obadiah Newcomb Bush
           .James Smith Bush m. Harriet Eleanor Fay
            .Samuel Prescott Bush m. Flora Sheldon
             .Prescott Sheldon Bush m. Dorothy Walker
              .George Herbert Walker Bush m. Barbara Pierce
               .GEORGE W. BUSH, US President

  4. good site guys

    keep exposing the jewish criminals bloodsucking parasites

  5. I read the "Synagogue of Satan" by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock so I know all about it.
    It also says in the Jewish Talmud that the Jews are the chosen race and all other races have only one purpose and legitimacy to exist:
    to be the slaves to their masters the Jews.

  6. Doesn't suprise me at all. Obama can hide his heritage due to his looks, however, I have yet to see a person with more Jewish facial structure than George Bush. A deceitful and evil race.

  7. I think John F Kennedy is lso a hidden Jew by race. Look at his eyes to guess