Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Naom Chomsky:
Who cares if our leaders are mass murderers?

Naom Chomsky has looked at the evidence:

"If you look at the evidence anybody who knows anything about the sciences would instantly discount that evidence. I mean, there's plenty of coincidences and unexplained phenomena, you know, why did this happen and why didn't that happen, and so on."

Yeah, why did this and that happen, Chomsky. Your talk is very unprofessional. It's very easy to explain why WTC7 sank down to earth like it was suddenly standing on the ocean. Y'know, like this and like that... You're mumbling, Chomsky.

Naom Chomsky explains how complicated events are:

"When you take a natural event, not something that was controlled, most of it will be unexplained. There'll be all sorts of things that happened, afterwards you can put them into some kind of pattern but beforehand you can't and the pattern may be completely meaningless because you could put them into some other pattern too, if you want. That's just the way complicated events are."

"When you take a natural event most of it will be unexplained."

Oh, really? Is that a scientific rule which fits all "natural events"?

"That's just the way complicated events are."

No need to investigate anything. Everything is just too complicated...

"Even if it were true, which is extremely unlikely, who cares?"

Our leaders are insane mass murderers! A whole nation has been blamed for their evil crimes. But who cares, really...?

Wikipedia: Chomsky was born on the morning of December 7, 1928 to Jewish parents...


  1. I wish Mr. Chomsky would do a very thorough research about 9/11. I like reading his books and agree on most of his views and that's why it puzzles me how he can accept the 9/11 Report from the Bush appointed 9/11 committee. We've caught all these people in so many lies and Mr. Chomsky accept their research and consclusions, that's very interesting. Hopefully when Prof. Chomsky retires from MIT, he's going to tell us the truth about his view on this enormously evil domestic crime.

  2. Oh yes, Mr Chomsky has always been very thorough. I read his material and have come to find him quite self righteous. What is not apart of his agenda usually becomes an "old and failed" or a "who cares" thing.

  3. Noam Chomsky is a person who stands for the truth and sides with the ones who are done injustices with. He is duly praised in the Third World Countries for his honest and kandid support by the ones who are being mistreated by the great powers.

  4. No, he's just pretending, like Alex Jones and other leaders in the 9/11 truth movement.

    He's part of the cover-up.

  5. The majority of Chomsky's speech is exactly parallel to the main ideas of 9/11 Truthers...except for the one important question which he answers boldly. The people who have benefitted, mainly, the people in charge in the U.S., who now have a new source of indoctrination and law making to suppress freedom and rights of the real government (the American populus), these people could not have orchestrated these events....unless, they are all insane! BINGO! Chomsky, whom is speaking half-truths, entirely contradicts himself. I think: Brilliant man who stands for human rights, who is Jewish, but has become an old man who is manipulated by his prestige and reputation, furthermore; he's not interested in wasting energy speculating! Truth is out there, but it will NEVER be completely known to anyone other than enjoy what you believe to be truth, and know that the idea is to create dissent among all the groups....thereby, the truth is hidden behind a mask of internal and external debate, argument, and contradicting views. The greatest enemy to truth is a lie, and a lie in and of itself begets not only more lies, but also the truth. Remember this simple fact: If many groups with many ideas all turn against one another, the true perpetrators of a cataclysm need only stand in the shadows, prowling, waiting for the opportune moment...the time of greatest dissent and conflict, which will also be the worst time of weakness. Then under a banner of truce and truth, the true criminals, masquerading as the pacifists, will take control of everyone...and those who refuse will be shipped off to the Nazi death camps. Lol, like Sobibor, Belzek, and Trelinka. Look those three names up and do some research of the Holocaust for a shocker like no other.

  6. Hmmm. When pigs fly..chomsky will be dead and gone

  7. Chomsky works for Mossad and Rothschild. He provides cover for the Criminal Jewish Cabal. That is his job.