Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Jews mix truth with lies

Jewish Bobby Fischer, 9/11:
"I say death to President Bush, I say death to the United States. Fuck the United States, fuck the Jews, the Jews are a criminal people, they mutilate their children, they are murderous, criminal, thieving, lying, bastards. They made up the Holocaust, there's not a word of truth to it. They are the worst liars and bastards. And now, what goes around, comes around, they're getting it back, finally. Praise God... Hallelujah, this is a wonderful day. Fuck the United States. Cry, you crybabies! Whine, you bastards! Now your time is coming! The US is getting what is coming to it. This is just the beginning."

Fischer speaks the truth about Holocaust. Truthseeking Gentiles will think that this "former" Jew has turned into a non-liar. When not even this guy exposes Silverstein's demolition of the towers, then of course, Laden must have done it...

Fischer's hatred towards Jews obviously has nothing to do with the fact that the Jewish mass murderer Larry Silverstein demolished his buildings. So why does Fischer hate Jews if it's not because they stage false flag attacks to start illegal wars?

Bobby Fischer, the comedian:
They broke open my safes and they broke open my file cabinets and everything. and just sold off everything. sold off like a hundred boxes of my stuff and sold off my photo album, my letters from President Marcos, my photo album with President Marcos - everything.

Allright, so he hates them because they stole a bunch of boxes from him and sold his photo album...

Maybe Fischer is the top leader of the Al-Qaeda Group. He obviously had the motivation for attacking Silverstein...

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